New festival in vienna

4. July to 24. August 2020

Between the "Blue Danube" and the Ferris Wheel, Vienna has a large green relaxation area in the center of the city where you can walk, run, ride, cycle or simply drop on the meadow or on the beach - as if created for relaxation. Inaugurated in 1839, the Freudenau Racecourse has become a popular center for equestrian sport and social life in Vienna. This unique 100 hectare park with a long history is the venue for the FreudeNOW Open Air Music Festival. Featuring state-of-the-art stage, opera, operetta and film music, all the way to the modern circus, featuring state-of-the-art digital technology. We can chill out the evening by sipping a glass of cool Veltelin.

Opera-operett-film music-circus

4. July to 24. August 2020

See and hear on our digital The Flying Dutchman (Richard Wagner), the best music of the cult films of the JAMES BOND series, the film music of NINO ROTA and the golden age of cinema, the legendary work of Mozart, The Magic Flute, and last but not least - with the current performance by RECIRQUEL, a contemporary circus troupe with a sensational and noisy international success, for the first time in Austria.

It's still half a year for FreudeNOW to open its doors, but in the virtual world, you can take a tour of Vienna's latest open-air festival.

We firmly believe that we, too, must do our utmost to save our planet and minimize the effects of the climate disaster, so the FreudeNOW festival works in the most environmentally friendly way possible:

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