4. July to 24. August 2020


Comfort is a natural part of the fun. There are no tight, depressing spaces here, yet it is all within reach. Well-signposted routes allow our guests to quickly reach anywhere including finding their places without being an obstacle for other attendees.

There is a huge parking lot for those arriving by car, where there is space for all our guests. And the parking lot is so close to the entrances and auditorium that everyone can comfortably reach them in a few minutes.
From bus 77A which you can take at the U2-station "Donaumarina" you can get off directly at the main entrance "Galopprennbahn Freudenau".
Queue-free access, reservation in advance.
We use the most ergonomic chairs so our viewers can enjoy longer acts from their comfortable seats. In the sector Aspirant we cannot provide you with these seats due to structural conditions. The sector Aspirant has wodden benches without backrest.
Stress and rush-free breaks when you have plenty of time to walk, eat, drink and have a chat.
Diverse, satisfying, non-stop catering for all your needs, waiting for those who wish to relax after the performances with a nice drink and snack.
Clean, comfortable, equipped and ample restrooms for ladies and gentlemen.
After the performance, taxis are available for guests to get home quickly without a car or public transport.