Green festival

4. July to 24. August 2020


We firmly believe that we, too, must do our utmost to save our planet and minimize the effects of the climate disaster, so the FreudeNOW festival works in the most environmentally friendly way possible:

There will be no disposable glasses, cutlery, we are minimizing the amount of plastic waste, PET bottles, and making every effort to create as little litter as possible by the end of each performance.
With state-of-the-art LED technology, the stage lighting consumes a fraction of the power as a set with conventional bulbs would.
Unique digital stage visual technology eliminates the need to create a huge amount of wood, plastic, paint and other non-reusable materials.
There will be no fireworks, balloons, or any other environmentally damaging spectacle, but we will have a sensational surprise finale at the end of each show.
Our gift items contain as little plastic as possible, most of them are made of natural, degradable materials only.
We provide an opportunity for environmental organizations to be present, among others we support the Fridays For Future movement.
We focus on digitalization, paper and print minimization - we print only the most essential materials, and even the smallest amount, on recycled paper with environmentally friendly printing technology. Of course, printing of tickets purchased electronically is not required to sign in or even use our extra services.