The Idea of the Festival

4. July to 24. August 2020


FreudeNOW expresses the basic need of a modern person for harmony and elevated moments. It also expresses that we, the Organizers, want to unify the dazzling, monumental environment of the Monarchy in a roaring green, hand in hand with a technological and visual world that faithfully reflects the dynamism and face of today’s Austria. 


The most important values in our art offering: tradition, internationality and above all: quality. We believe that this stage is a mix of classical and classical-entertaining genres, such as Wagner’s operas and avant-garde theater circus, special symphonic concerts, large-scale film music performances that can be arranged in harmony by top international performers.


It is just as important for us to display environmental protection that eco-friendly operation offers in cooperation with the visiting public. Another important values for us are premium services, comfort and meeting all the needs of the audience. This can make an evening an unforgettable event one can say about: FreudeNOW!