Virtual walk

4. July to 24. August 2020


In the virtual world you can take a tour of Vienna’s latest open-air festival.

Our guests arrive in daylight, so they can admire the more than 150 years old historic buildings and grandstands in the sun, but as dusk comes, not only the lights come on stage, but the whole complex of buildings is revamped with colorful scenery and changing landscape. During the break, after the performance, it is worthwhile to take a walk in the more hidden areas to enjoy this architectural masterpiece.

There is a great view from the stands, which reflects both the historical spirit of the place and the technology of the 21st century.

Nowhere in the world has the amount and variety of LED displays been used in proportion to the size of the stage, and so the scene, with its eye-popping surprises, adds a never-before-seen visual adventure to the musical experience.

An entertaining theater night is unthinkable without delicious food and drinks. Our terrace bars and wine village offer our guests a unique selection to alleviate their hunger and thirst during the sufficiently long break before the performance. But why go home on this beautiful summer evening right after the curtain rolls down? Let’s have another drink, let’s talk a bit, we hope you enjoyed the show!

Sectors of the auditorium

To the best of our knowledge, no opera or classical music performance has ever used as many digital imaging devices and LED displays as we plan to. The backgrounds, side curtains, blinds all co-exist with the show, changing from color to color, providing an unprecedented experience for our audience, so no matter where you are seated, you will be part of an exhilarating, beautiful evening visiting any shows at FreudeNow Festival.

All the sectors on the FreudeNOW Trotter are named after winning horses at the “Austrian Derby” in the 19th century. Brackets indicate the year of the victory.

Sector Zsupán (1887), Sector Tokyo (1895) and Sector Gaga (1892) are great places for those who like to enjoy the show up close. Especially for those who buy tickets to the front row, we promise that they will have a completely theater-like, intimate experience.  Note to our viewers that these three sectors are not rising, but due to the height of the stage there is a good view from behind.

We have a perfect view of both the stage and the band from the back and the outermost regions, and here you can see the two gigantic screens that bring the most hidden secrets of the stage to our viewers.

The Sector Magus (1894) offers a seamless view of the stage as it is located higher than the first three sectors. And Sectors III and IV are definitely one of the best VIP spots!

The Sector Triumph (1889) can be conveniently approached from below, yet each row provides a perfect stage view due to its gradual ascent.

And now the sectors of the historic buildings: The characteristic feature of the buildings is that the roof structure is also supported by columns on the side of the stage, so they cover a small part of the stage at a minimal – not at all disturbing – point, and depending on the design some rows have less legspace.

The boxes in Sector Kincsem (1877) are located on one of the most well-known 4-person boxing stands on the track, all of which have a clear view of the stage as they are located above each other. The roof also protects against light rain and, to a certain extent, wind.

Sector Elemér (1880), also under the roof, is located at the perfect height on the axis of the stage, one of our most exclusive locations.

Sector Rajta-Rajta (1888), just behind / above Sector Triumph, but accessible from above, also offers great views from under cover, as it is located in the front part of the historic grandstand.

Sector Aspirant (1890) is a partially bench-seated, raised stand in every row, in the traditional sense.

Sector Gourmand (1893) offers a special opportunity for smaller and larger companies to enjoy our performances in a slightly separate and relaxed manner. These terraces provide a great view from the side, but the first part of the stage is clearly visible, and the live giant screens guarantee that you will never miss anything.

On the two lower terraces you can buy tables for 4 people, while the upper VIP terraces can be fully rented, max. groups of 15-20 people can entertain together. Ticket prices include snacks and drinks, which can be consumed during the performance.